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The Daily Word

Before our daily bread should be the daily Word. Only thus will the bread be received with thanksgiving. Before our daily walk should be the morning prayer. Only thus will work be done as the fulfillment of God's command. The morning must yield an hour of quiet time for prayer and common devotion. That is certainly not wasted time. How else could we prepare ourselves to face the tasks, cares, and the temptations of the day? And although we are often not "int the mood" for it, such devotion is an obligatory service to the One who desires our praises and prayers, and who will not otherwise bless our day but through His Word and our prayers.

It is wrong to say that we are being "legalistic" when we are concerned with the ordering of our Christian life and with our faithfulness in requirements of Scripture reading and prayer. Disorder undermines and destroys the faith: any theologian who confuses evangelical freedom with lack of discipline needs to learn it. Whoever want to carry out properly an fully developed spiritual office, without bringing both self and work to ruin by mere activism, must learn early on the spiritual discipline of the servant of Jesus Christ. The young theologian will find it a great help to set certain times for quiet prayers and for devotions, and to hold to them with patience and persistence.

From: Meditating on the Word - Dietrich Bonhoeffer pps.32-33

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